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When BLACKPINK’s Rosé REVEALED Her ‘Ideal Prince Charming’

If you are a lover of the K-Pop genre, you will understand very well that the Blackpink girls are one of the most popular girlband groups in the world at the moment.

Ever since K-Pop as a music culture became popular all over the world, Blackpink became a serious thing and leading the group is our very own and popular Rose. It is quite natural that if you are a public figure, people will be extremely interested about your personal and dating life and Blackpink’s Rose too hasn’t been spared in this regard.

A lot of fans have wanted to know about whom Rose is dating? Well, today, we reveal the answer to you all

In an earlier interview with YG Entertainment in South Korea, Rose had revealed that she’s single but when asked her about her ideal ‘prince charming’, Rose was quoted as saying,

“I want someone who is nice, polite & can sing well”.

Well, the demand is simple yet cute, isn’t it? For more updates, stay tuned to

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