What illness is BTS fame Jin struggling with?

BTS Jin Is Struggling With This Illness

When it comes to the world of K-pop, the BTS boyband is one of the most popular and its very talented artiste Jin has played a humongous role behind making BTS successful the way it is today.

BTS, led by Jeon Jungkook has achieved many milestones in 2020 as their first English single ‘Dynamite’ earned views in billions. While everything seems to be very perfect with Jin and the rest of BTS members from the outset, the reality is a little different as not many know about an illness that Jin suffers from. So readers, want to know more about it?

Well, as per reports in aminoapps.com, Jin has crooked fingers which is a result of a congenital disorder that leads to a reduced amount of collagen thereby damaging the molecular structure of the finger.

Sad ain’t it? We hope Jin finds a way out to come out of it soon.

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