Know more about Jungkook's personal life and hobbies

BTS Jungkook’s personal life and hobbies REVEALED

Jeon Jungkook is currently the biggest superstar of the K-Pop music fraternity and fans love him unconditionally for everything that he does. He’s the biggest reason why BTS is what it is today and all thanks to some sensational leadership skills, his team has responded equally well to his demands and together, they have created history.

They are currently on a high as their last English single ‘Dynamite’ earned a billion views and now, they are all set to drop their last and final album of 2020 titled BE. While all you Jungkook fans are aware about stuff like his professional graph and career, how many know in-depth details about his personal life? So what are his hobbies and what does like to do when he has some free time for himself?

As per reports in, Jungkook’s hobbies include playing games, drawing and soccer. He also likes to edit his own videos and photos and he also loves to discover new kinds of music and beats to make fresh covers.

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