Is Suga the most attractive man?

BTS’s Suga is ‘Most Attractive Man’ on Twitter

BTS Suga’s popularity and fame knows no limits ever since he has played a gigantic role behind the success of BTS boyband. He alongside Jungkook has taken the BTS boyband to places and some of his best contributions for BTS are songs like First Song, Swagger, All Night, Give It To Me, Seasaw, Dream Money and many more.

The world knows that Suga is extremely talented as a musician. But what stands out for his battalion of female fans all around the world is his crisp and sharp attitude and his unique style of sporting long hair with long ear studs that certainly makes him an ‘attractive dude’ in the true sense of the term.

Twitter has gone berserk seeing Suga’s new look and a section of netizens who are K-pop fans feel Suga is the most attractive man around.

But readers, do you all agree with the same line of thought as well? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to

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