The official website of band EXO shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the band posing with a Christmas gift

EXO group shared their secret Santa gifts with fans. The band consists of nine members among which only seven appeared for the Christmas special show. The surrounding was decorated with the proper Christmas vibes. The first member had a teddy toy as a gift. The next one showed the abs print shirt and a toy gun in hand. The next one got a packet of something. And the middle member flaunted the earphone. The next three showed their cards like school kids.

Instagram shared the same picture twice. And the third picture consists of messages they wrote. All seven members wore vibrant and beautiful tuxedos with cute faces. This picture undoubtedly made us feel all good for Christmas. The picture is shared with a caption, “Merry Christmas”. EXO is one of the most popular k-pop bands in the world. They have carved their niche in the music industry.

The band members consist of Kai, Lu Han, Tao, Chen, Se Hun, D.O, Xiu Min, Joon Myun, Kris, Chanyeol, and Baek Hyun. The band members share adorable bonds and this picture above speaks it all. After watching these pictures, users shared their views. A user wrote, “each gift is more meaningful than the other I’m so happy to see them together like this laughing fighting chatting my boys I wish baekhyun and lay were with u too.” The second person said, “of so many to hold, D. O choose to touch that shirt.” “If he changed the situation, I would have thought it was the same picture,” said the third person. The fourth wrote, “Merry Christmas EXO !!! thank you for spending this year with us. Baekhyun and I miss you a lot. Let’s make beautiful memories together in the coming year as well.”

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