Check out EXO Kai and Sehun appearing in the video and doing a duet dance on Rover's song, have a look.

Watch: EXO’s Kai And Sehun’s Latest Dance Video On Rover Song

EXO The Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO includes both Kai and Sehun as members. In 2011, SM Entertainment created the K-pop group EXO, which became known worldwide. Two of the most well-known members of the group, Kai and Sehun, are well-known for their singing, dancing, and performing skills in general.

Kim Jong-in, often known as Kai, was born in Suncheon, South Korea, on January 14, 1994. He is regarded as one of K-pop’s top dancers and is responsible for choreographing many of EXO’s most well-known dance moves. In the Korean entertainment business, Kai is regarded as a style icon for his sense of style and is also well-known for his sense of fashion.

Born on April 12, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea, Sehun’s real name is Oh Se-hun. He is also highly recognized for his rapping, singing, and dancing talents. In addition, Sehun has garnered recognition for his charm and stage presence. He has also established a reputation for himself as a model by participating in several high-profile fashion projects.

The EXO-Ls, or international followers of EXO, who like Kai and Sehun’s abilities and personalities, have embraced them and amassed sizable fan bases. They are still involved with EXO and continue to put out new songs, perform at live shows, and participate in other live activities. Recently EXO official group posted their duet dancing video, have a look below –

EXO’s Kai And Sehun’s Dancing Video

A captivating dance rehearsal video for “Rover” by EXO’s Kai and Sehun has been released! EXO group shared a detailed look at the choreography for his most recent title track in a dance practice video two weeks after his third mini album, “Rover,” debuted on March 13. Kai appeared in the video wearing a plain white t-shirt, blue pants, brown shoes with white stripes, and a black winter hat. Sehun made her entrance wearing a full-sleeved white and green jacket with beige oversized pants, brown shoes, and a black hat. In the video, they showed their dashing dance moves, which sync with the awesome beat song. EXO group captioned the post, “Drop the name, call me #KAI #카이 @zkdlin #SEHUN #세훈 @oohsehun #EXO #엑소 #weareoneEXO #Rover #KAI_Rover #RoverChallenge.”

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