EXO SUHO took to his Instagram handle to share a candid series of pictures as he enjoys some filling scrumptious lunch

EXO SUHO enjoys scrumptious filling lunch, see pics

EXO SUHO took to his Instagram handle to share a series of pictures from his cosy lunch time on Instagram, leaving his fans all vibing along. Giving a candid glimpse of his meal from his table, the actor asserts that he enjoyed the meal thoroughly in the caption.

SUHO is one of the leading members from the group EXO. Apart from being one of the lead vocalists of the group, SUHO has also been featured in some of the popular South Korean dramas and movies. Some of his best works include, Rich Man, How Are U Bread, EXO Next Door, To the Beautiful You and more.

In the pictures, we can see him wearing a denim baggy shirt. He decked it up with black pants, grey sneaker shoes and messy hair. Going all smiles in the pictures, as he enjoys a filling meal for the day, the south Korean actor shared candid pictures on his Instagram.

In the first we can see him fetching him a cuppa coffee from food truck. In the second and third pictures, we can see SUHO enjoying filling lunch that has all the veggies, chicken, rice and soup. The actor further gets a soothing glass of red wine.

Sharing the pictures, SUHO wrote, “I ate really well today and was happy. Thank you L?Baek” here take a look-

Taking note, his fans came in flooding with comments. One wrote, “You eat rice? I also eat rice. Don’t mate”, another wrote, “Wool Junmyeon, shooting hiply, fighting hiply”, a third user wrote, “Oppa, buy me a delicious meal too. When will we meet?”, a fourth one added, “Fighting until the end of the filming! Bunnyzens always support you ❤️”