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EXO K-pop Band Has Tried Every Concept In Their Music, From Cute To Bad Boy

EXO is without a doubt one of K-pop’s most well-known, best-selling, musically varied, creative, and tenacious idol groups. EXO, a K-pop group founded by SM Entertainment in 2011 when K-Pop was just inches away from becoming a global phenomenon, is solely to blame for delivering the Hallyu wave to the doorstep of the entire world. EXO was originally made up of 12 members who were split into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, which stood for the Korean and Mandarin versions of the group, respectively.

This branch was created in order to expand into the entire Asian market, not simply Korea. However, due to a number of legal disputes with SM Entertainment between 2014 and 2015, Kris, Luhan, and Tao departed the band, citing maltreatment, unjust contract terms, and unequal income. Even though the fandom was devastated and the loss was unfathomable, EXO reformed as 9 with the same tenacity as before.


EXO made their debut with their song Mama on April 8, 2012, and on April 9 they released the EP with the same name. It became a huge hit very quickly, with the Korean version reaching the top spot on South Korea’s illustrious Gaon Album Chart and the eighth spot on the Billboard World Albums Chart. The Mandarin version ranked first on several Chinese music streaming services and second on China’s Sina Album Chart.

Miracles in December

Today, EXO is renowned for having some of the top vocalists in the business. EXO’s second EP Miracles in December, a special winter album with a song by the same name, laid the groundwork for this achievement. The group’s range was perfectly captured in the soulful ballad Miracles in December, which also attracted a growing audience and grew their fan base.

Call Me Baby and Love Me Right

EXO makes a comeback with a boyish charm that is now typical of idol groups. But EXO was doing it in an original and unheard-of way. Cover songs and routines were becoming more and more popular, and EXO was dominating YouTube. The song Call Me Baby had all the makings of a smash hit: a catchy, entrancing sound and lyrics that connected with young people.


With Obsession, EXO’s most recent return, the group explored the idea of alter egos or different personas. With the aid of costumes, hair and makeup, choreography, and music video direction, the concept of both the bad and the good existing within oneself was brilliantly executed in the music video and lyrics. SM Entertainment announced that EXO would be taking a break and members would be concentrating on their solo activities during this time due to some members serving in the military.

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