9 K-Pop Groups With Their Own K-Dramas, Web Dramas, Or Films

EXO – “EXO Next Door” To BTS – “What If There Was An Eye Candy BTS High School?”: 9 K-Pop Groups With Their Own K-Dramas, Web Dramas, Or Films, Take A Look 582189

While it’s not a typical occurrence in K-pop, certain idol groups have their own television and web shows. This is typically part of the fan service they provide to their fan base, and it is always warmly received. The plots are frequently romantic in nature and follow the standard structure of stories in the fanboying/fangirling culture. Quality-wise? The more cheesy the better!

The following is a list of K-pop groups with their own K-dramas, web dramas, or movies.

1. GOT7 – “Dream Knight”

This wonderful web drama depicts the narrative of a young girl who heals her pain by enlisting the help of a gang of boys, played by GOT7. Love, suffering, friendship, and dreams are among the major topics explored in this drama. The septet debuted in 2015, and this 12-episode tale was released the following year.

2. Stray Kids – “What If You Are a JYP Entertainment’s Trainee?”

Stray Kids posed the question on behalf of the fans, and Dingo provided an answer in this collaborative short film. Kim Dingo, a female trainee, enters JYP Entertainment and meets the boy group, who make her feel at ease while she learns about the various parts of a trainee’s life.

3. Super Junior – “Attack on the Pin-up Boys”

Super Junior is widely regarded as one of the most absurd and amusing K-pop groups. This 81-minute film is another example of the members’ comedic spirit. The plot revolves around a series of strange attacks on flower boys in nearby high schools. Which Super Junior member is the true perpetrator, divided into victims and suspects?

4. ASTRO – “To Be Continued”

ASTRO plays itself in this web drama. Just a day before their much-anticipated debut stage, the members travel back in time. Along the road, they’ll encounter unresolved concerns and hindering challenges: will they be able to fix everything in time to make their appropriate debut?

5. EXO – “EXO Next Door”

This one does not have the full group, but Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun are all present. The story follows these gentlemen as they play themselves and relocate to a new residence in order to escape the spotlight. They employ their next-door neighbor (Moon Ga Young) to take care of housework, and she recognizes Chanyeol as a childhood friend. The housekeeper and two of the members quickly form a love triangle. Who could it possibly be?

6. TREASURE – “Mysterious Class”

YG productions are always top-notch, and this one reigns supreme in the world of online dramas. In this short thriller, the characters of TREASURE play pupils who have an extra person in their class. Threatened by the presence of a ghost among them, the members of the class attempt to uncover the riddle before something scary occurs.

7. BTS – “What If There Was An Eye Candy BTS High School?”

Let’s face it, seeing BTS debut on a small screen, like as a TV or laptop, would be exciting. Finally, the boys delivered, and the end result may make your fingers and toes curl, but it’s also such a healthy guilty pleasure. You may locate members in every section of this virtual high school for eye pleasure by posing as the school nurse, class president, or English instructor. What about the protagonist? Of course, I’m referring to you!

8. LOONA – “First Love Story”

This drama, which is also known as “Woomanna,” follows LOONA 1/3 and LOONA Odd Eye Circle over the course of three seasons. Each campus love story is chronicled and recounted, illustrating collegiate romance from various angles.

9. ONF – “Can I Step In?”

In this short but intriguing drama about six housemates, five males, and a woman who recently joined the house, ONF gets into acting. As a result, they learn to live together and adjust to their new circumstances. This results in five separate relationships between the newcomer and the original occupants, as well as a slew of conflict, romance, and good times.

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