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Why suddenly people are not okay with the idea of Jungkook and Lisa as a couple?

Why Are Fans Not Interested In The Relationship Between Blackpink’s Lisa And BTS’s Jungkook?

Currently, Blackpink and BTS are the two most famous and globally performing bands from the K-pop dimension. Their remarkable songs have been breaking the internet, and people have been going crazier over them. Fans have been highly anticipating and dreaming about BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa to become a couple. Them dating is not real, but fans have always been linking them together, calling the couple “Lizkook.” Well, this is just a fantasy, and nothing is ever coming true anytime soon.

But recently, there has been news popping up, and many fans are going against the idea. They are very much against Lisa and Jungkook dating. After they were nominated for Kid’s Choice Awards, many fans thought it was disrespectful as Jungkook and Lisa don’t even know one another. Even BTS and Blackpink have not had any collaboration as such.

K-Pop fans deny ‘Lizkook’ not just because they feel it’s disrespectful but also because many fans have started to evade their privacy. The ARMY believes that Lizkook would be disastrous and believe that their personal life and especially dating life should be kept secret and given the due privacy.

And so Lisa and Jungkook as a pair could never happen.

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