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Check out the top fashion moments of Chang Kiha, Suga

Fashion Diaries: Chang Kiha & Suga’s Top Fashion Moments

The land of South Korea was always filled with immensely talented artistes and individuals but there’s no doubt about the fact that they started getting their due love and respect only since the K-Pop music genre became popular worldwide. K-Pop, as a genre was always popular ever since the 1980s but thanks to different multimedia platforms today, they started getting their due share of appreciation and love. Talking about South Korean artistes, they aren’t just great with respect to their music and dance but their fashion game is equally strong. And when you talk about strong fashion game in the South Korean K-pop scene, the names of Chang Kiha and Suga, are a must.

While Chang Kiha in particular is known for his love for jackets, Suga from BTS loves to experiment with the highlights and colour of his hair. So today, we want to show you some of their top fashion moments so that you can get some serious fashion inspiration regarding the kind of outfits and hair goals you want for yourself. Check out the photos below –

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