One of the most well-known K-pop groups in the world is Blackpink. With their songs and performances, they have had a big impact on lots of people! They have established a number of trends and are also notable fashion figures. They’ve done it all, from styling an accessory to a fashion style!

Jennie of BLACKPINK is well-known in the fashion world for her sophisticated looks and fashion sense, in addition to in the music industry for her all-around idol skills. For the benefit of her 62 million Instagram followers (and growing), Jennie frequently shares some of the latest fashion outfits. Additionally, Jennie seems to have a piece of jewelry that greatly elevates her appearance!

Jennie in particular is quite the trendsetter and has shared several pictures of herself sporting various styles! Check out Jennie, a fashion legend, wearing 7 different hat styles here!

[1] Beanie: She has completed a number of casual and athletic ensembles by adding a beanie to her attire.

[2] Bucket hat: Since K-pop culture has grown more popular around the world, this trendy headgear has become very popular. That the icon has worn this style previously comes as no surprise.

[3] Baret: With a beret, she had effortlessly pulled off a number of stylish outfits. When wearing one, she has a very cute appearance!

[4] Baseball cap: This is a hat that a lot of people have worn frequently. But Jennie’s sense of fashion just enhances how stylish the hat looks!

[5] Boater hat: She caused quite a stir when she posed in a monochrome photo wearing a boater hat and a chic pantsuit ensemble! It emanated some beautiful Western vibes!

[6] Bell hat: The superstar even accessorized with a sweet pink bell hat to create a sophisticated yet lovely look. She covered a pair of loose-fitting denim trousers with the bell cap and a black and pink sweatshirt.

[7] Bear hat: Here are some pictures of the style icon Jennie wearing her 7 various hats. How do you feel about the idol’s fashion decisions? Comment below and let us know!

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