Neha Kakkar speaks on lockdown

Good time for artists to come out with creative concepts: Neha Kakkar

As the world grapples with the biggest challenge of the century – the coronavirus pandemic, artists try to ease hardships by offering entertainment on social media platforms. One of the singers to do so much before the pandemic struck is Neha Kakkar. Making the best of the nationwide lockdown, the music queen is spending time with her family in Rishikesh.

While she admits that she misses eating outside, she looks at the brighter side of the current situation. She says, “Industries are coming to a halt has led to a decline in air pollution all across the world. Water bodies are cleaner. I hope that after the pandemic ends, we will become more mindful of the environment.”

What worries Kakkar the most during this troubling time is a spike in fake forwards that is alarmingly misleading people. She shares, “My mother is in her 50s and my father is in his 60s. When they hear rumours, they tend to panic. The forwards that we get on WhatsApp are not always true.”

Recognising that the lockdown is taking a toll on people’s mental health she expresses, “Humans can do anything if we decide to do it. It’s all in our head. If you panic, you’ll feel claustrophobic.”

When asked about her message to people answers positively, “Be with loved ones, learn new things and sleep well. It’s also a good time for artists to come up with creative concepts.”

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