This article is about Exo Baekhyun's attractive hair colors.

During the Ko Ko Bop era, he tried a mullet and colored his hair red, grey, blonde, pink, and purple. Baekhyun’s hair has been nearly every hue imaginable. Do you miss Baekhyun’s original black hair, though? One of the most gorgeous variations of Baekhyun is black hair.

Here’s what we have to say on our top four picks.

1. Pastel pink

This color got the first place because Baekhyun appears to be extremely cute and innocent, despite the fact that he is not. We want to pet his hair all the time because it looks like cotton candy! Pastel pink is also one of our favorite colors

2. Grey 

Who says having lovely grey hair means you’re old? Baekhyun demonstrated that you can look great in grey/white while still being young. Chanyeol is known as the King of Silver Hair, but Baekhyun’s appearance is also impressive. We hope he dyes his hair again in this color!

3. Red 

We all know that the majority of us would choose red hair color first because Baekhyun is so absolutely attractive. He doesn’t appear to be innocent in the least. He has a manly and commanding appearance. Isn’t that correct? This is the exact appearance we’ve been given the opportunity to witness.

4. Green/Grey

This color is perplexing to us; we can’t identify how many colors are present, but we can largely perceive grey and green. Even though his hair color is perplexing, Baekhyun still looks stunning and is at his best.

Which one do you think suits him best?

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