Check out some of the hot gym avatars of IU and Bae Suzy

IU and Bae Suzy Look Super Hot in Gym Avatar

When it comes to the world of K-pop, IU & Bae Suzy are undoubtedly two of the most popular names and no wonder, the world loves them. K-pop as a music culture was always popular in South Korea ever since the 1980s but it was only after 2017 did it start to get worldwide recognition and fame.

IU and Bae Suzy are not just amazing singers and dancers who know how to set the stage on fire every time they perform, but they are also two super hot individuals who are all about giving out some serious and major body goals to their fans. Yes, that’s true. Both of them are workout freaks and they never really like to miss their gym sessions.

As far as gym sessions are concerned, both of them ensure that they give some serious style quotient to their fans so that they can take cues regarding how to rock the gymwear fashion. Want to learn some gymwear fashion from the best in the business? All you need to do is see them.

Both of them look exceptionally hot but readers, if we had to ask you to pick one among them as your favourite, whom would you pick and also why?

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