Which K-pop star is hotter between Blackpink's Jennie and Bae Suzy?

Jennie And Bae Suzy: Who Is HOTTER?

If there’s one genre in music that has seen immense rise and popularity in the last few years globally, it’s the K-Pop genre. K-pop, as a musical genre has always been popular in South Korea ever since the 1980s but it garnered global love and attention only since 2018. All thanks to a platform like YouTube, the K-Pop artistes and South Korean actors got their due share of recognition and fame. Talking about fame and popularity in the K-Pop genre, two artistes who are right there in the top dominating the state every time are Blackpink’s Jennie and South Korean actress and recording artiste, Bae Suzy.

While Blackpink’s Jennie specialises particularly in ensemble tracks and music along with her Blackpink girls, Bae Suzy, apart from her acting projects is also known for her successful albums like Hush, Bad but Good, Faces of Love, and many more. Both of them aren’t just icons for their talent but also for their super-hot sense of fashion. From maintaining a fit and sexy figure to slaying sexy outfits, they are all about raising the oomph quotient.

It’s truly difficult to compare between the two as to who is the hottest between the two but readers, if you had to pick one as the hottest according to you, whom would you pick and why?

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