Have a look at some of the oops moments of these celebrities which left the whole world in a state of shock

Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce And Other Celebrities’ Not So Fortunate Wardrobe Malfunction Moments

Oh no! From ripped pants and broken straps to reveal a lot more skin than expected, celebrities have had their fair share of embarrassing wardrobe mishaps. And the majority of the time, it’s all happening in broad daylight.

Because, whether something snaps on live television or the wind causes a disaster on route to an event, everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Beyonce has had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction. Live performances that include dancing and grooving may result in rips and tears in clothing, but the red carpet has seen its fair share of catastrophes as well. The most common cause of a wardrobe malfunction is a thigh-high slit. While some celebrities freeze when faced with a fashion disaster, the majority of them are able to manage the situation like a genuine pro and laugh off the misfortune.

During a Montreal performance of “Halo,” Beyoncé’s wig was kidnapped — literally — by a fan during her Mrs. Carter World Tour last year. True to diva form, Beyoncé kept singing — the megastar didn’t miss a note as security guards struggled to untangle her distinctive mane from the offending wind generator.

Tara Reid may have appeared in late-’90s teen classics like “American Pie,” but most people remember her for the infamous nipple-slip incident at Diddy’s 35th birthday bash in 2004. Reid was preening for photographers on the red carpet when a strap on her silky gown suddenly slipped off, revealing her entire left breast. The slip remained unnoticed until a publicist stepped in and helped, pulling the strap up after a whole ten seconds.

Jennifer Lawrence stood up to claim her award for “Silver Linings Playbook” with what seemed to be a massive rip in her dress at last year’s SAG Awards, shocking spectators. Fortunately, it was all a trick of the light, thanks to the ingenuity of designer Raf Simons, who designed the Christian Dior digs.