Check out five times BTS has created history at Grammy Awards by showing their prominence, have a look below.

This Is How BTS Has Made History 5 Times At Grammy Awards; Check Now!

BTS received five Grammy Award nominations on the 15th of November. The Recording Academy, frequently regarded as a mecca for musicians globally, has revealed the nominations, which indicate fierce competition among Western singers, including Harry Styles, Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Lizzo. Two Korean-language songs that BTS submitted for the award seemed to be their reward after years of sending in songs with Korean lyrics. The septet had dabbled in the Grammys since 2019 when they gave their first trophy presentation, so this is not the first time they have made an impression there.

Even though this year’s nominations have garnered much attention, BTS has already set records for the award show. The Dynamite ensemble has made history multiple times, including with a heist-style performance and a staged collaboration with influential people in the business. Here are five instances at the Grammys where BTS demonstrated its hegemony over the Western music scene.

1. BTS’ First Nomination For Best Recording Package

The LOVE YOURSELF series’ album covers have drawn praise from fans for being simple yet seductive. The Recording Academy concurs as LOVE YOURSELF TEAR received BTS’s first-ever Grammy nomination in the Best Recording Package category. In any category, this was the second nomination for a person of Korean heritage, following Sumi Jo in 1992.

2. BTS’ First K-pop Group To Present Awards

BTS presented the Best R&B Album Grammy during their first-ever appearance at the Grammys in 2019, decked up in tuxedos. The Korean phenomenon made a return commitment and maintained it. They were invited to perform Seoul Town Road, a remix that included leader RM, with Lil Nas X in 2020. Announcing that their appearance at the Grammys was not a one-time thing and that this was just the beginning, the group supported RM and Lil Nas X during the brief performance, which had a significant impact.

3. First Korean Act Nominated For Best Pop Group

BTS achieved multiple firsts with Dynamite, including their first time topping the Billboard Hot 100, their first English single, the first song to surpass one billion views in a single day, and their first Grammy nomination. The nomination was a high point in the group’s career, even if they ultimately did not win the award. Unfortunately, they could not attend the ceremony in person because of the epidemic. Still, the K-pop sensation sent in a stunning performance on a helicopter that stunned everyone and earned Jin the name “orange suit guy” for his outfits.

4. First Nomination On A Song With Korean Lyrics

A song with Korean lyrics has been nominated in the Best Pop Group Performance category for the first time, marking BTS’ third nomination. This is a major accomplishment, especially for the rappers who wrote songs for Coldplay’s album My Universe because words are considered BTS’ strong suit.

Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres, which is up for Album of the Year, now lists Kim Nam-Joon, Min Yoon-gi, and Jung Ho-seok as lyricists. Moreover, because their contribution was made in their language rather than English, the three are now Grammy-nominated songwriters, a distinction that is of the utmost significance.

5. First Nomination For Best Music Video

A song that took ten years to compose is called Yet to Come. It was an appropriate conclusion to chapter one of their careers, with numerous allusions to BTS’ earlier music videos, notably their first single, No More Dream. As a result of the most recent nominations, BTS has surpassed Sumi Jo, a classical musician, as the most nominated Korean artist in Grammy history. Unfortunately, the likelihood that all seven members can provide another unforgettable performance at the ceremony is slim, given that their impending military enrollment hangs in the balance.

Source – Sportskeeda