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Hollywood singers like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift among many others slay in black like queens…

Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga And Taylor Swift’s Black Looks Can Never Go Wrong!

Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift are names that we easily associate with music. But apart from being great singers, these women are known for their style and fashion sense. They have been an inspiration to people of all age. Black is universally favourite colour and these divas have aced their fashion game in black like no other.

Jennifer Lopez is a born diva. The 50-year-old singer has been turning heads with her fashion statements since her debut and we are amazed at how she nails every look so effortlessly. From the red carpet to live concerts and from running around the streets to vacations these women is a fashionista for sure. When it comes to black, JLO is the real queen.

Lady Gaga’s style statements are mind-boggling, yes, but that doesn’t make them any less fabulous. She oozes glamour in any outfit. Her choice of outfits and colours is varied but one colour she always slays in is black. She elevates it’s class to a whole new level with new patterns, great accessories and makeup.

Taylor Swift can be the girl next door for one moment and a glamourous diva in another. Her love for black outfits in unmatched. From jumpsuits to gowns, casuals, she has rocked every black outfit and paired it up perfectly with accessories according to the event. She knows how to break the monotony and add an element to highlight her entire outfit.

Here are a few pictures of these divas rocking in black.

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