Know more about Jeon Jungkook and his secret life

Jungkook and his secret life

If you are a lover of the very popular K-Pop genre, there’s truly no way you can ignore the achievements of the uber cool and stylish, BTS boyband leader Jeon Jung-kook. Jungkook is BTS aka Bangtan Boys’ leading poster boy and his vocals create magic on stage every time. Jungkook’s fan following knows no limits and he has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the success of BTS.

BTS, as we all know is K-pop’s leading band at the moment and there’s really no star bigger than Jungkook in the world of K-pop. While you all might have thought that you know all about Jungkook, the reality is slightly different. So today, we present to you all some unknown facts and secrets of Jungkook which will blow your mind

Apart from music, Jungkook loves to read funny comic books and good poetry.

He is a huge fan of Avengers and any superhero fiction movie series.

He has a pet dog named Gureum

One of his favourite cuisines is Japanese and he loves to eat Sushi

His favourite color is white

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