Is IU's on-screen kissing moment hot or not?

K-pop actress IU’s On Screen KISSING Moment That Went Viral

If you talk about and think of a multitalented artiste in South Korea, without any element of doubt, the first name that will hit your mind is IU. Not only is she a well-trained singer, but she’s also a successful actress and some of her biggest South Korean blockbusters are A Turtle’s Tale 2, Sammy’s Escape From Paradise & Jam Kangjung.

While IU has mainly played character roles in musical dramas, there was this one instance when she shared a very hot and steamy on-screen kiss. Readers, are you aware about it? Check it out.

K-pop actress IU's On Screen KISSING Moment That Went Viral 1


The on-screen kiss was with actor Lee Jun Ki in the movie Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo as per reports in

So readers, do you find this particular kissing moment of IU hot or not?

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