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Check out Lady Gaga’s style evolution over the years!

Lady Gaga’s Amped Up Style Over The Years

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who is professionally and popularly known as ‘Lady Gaga’, is one of the grandest singers in the world. She has got several hits over the last couple of decades. From her album The Fame (2008) to Joanne (2016), she has nailed with her voice and performances.

Apart from her songs, she has been both criticized and loved for her weird fashion sense. She carries herself with her unique beauty style. From her hairstyle to eyebrows, she never got stuck in one style. She did a lot of experiments with her hair. Once she got it blonde, then dyed and again back to blonde. Her unique fashion style has made everyone amazed and has made headlines, a lot of time. Her fashion style game is really high.

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