Singers in Bollywood are nothing short of any big Bollywood celebrities. They are as stylish and fashionable as any other superstar. There are many upcoming stars from Music Industry that are already ruling the fashion world. Darshan Raval is one of them.

Darshan Raval is a 26-year-old Indian singer and music composer. He started his career by participating in an Indian Reality show “India’s Raw Star” judged by Yo Yo Honey Singh. He started releasing his own independent music videos. His song “Tera Zikr” turned out to be a mega success and has gained more than 200 million views on YouTube.

Darshan’s sense of style and fashion is also very much appreciated. He loves to look good and his looks in suits and blazers are just perfect for the eyes. One can easily take tips from him if you want to look good in a suit and tie.

Armaan Malik is also one of the top artists in the Indian Music Industry that is good in both music as well as in fashion. The choice of outfits of Armaan is always appreciated and he likes to look cool. His casual wear is what boys look up to but his looks in suits and tie and all are loved by girls and men follow him to get some tips.