We ask our readers why BTS boy band is so popular?

What makes BTS boy band so popular?

All K-pop lovers and admirers all around the world go absolutely bonkers and mad whenever they hear the word ‘BTS’. No readers, this ‘BTS’ is not ‘Behind The Scenes’ which we often refer to as an abbreviation. This BTS aka The Bangtan Boys is an institution in itself for all their fans all around the world.

There’s a reason why the name of BTS resonates first with the human mind whenever we talk about K-Pop. From recording chartbusters one after the other in Billboard’s Top 100 to becoming the first-ever South Korean music group which got recognition and a platform to perform in various countries like U.K, U.S.A and Japan, BTS has successfully set many records for themselves and these reasons are ample in their own right for fans around the world to shower their favourite BTS with all the love on planet Earth.

So readers, these are some of the most popular and important reasons why BTS boy band is so popular. What do you all think?

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