Neha Kakkar is in the top five singers in Bollywood and here is a look at her wealth.

Neha Kakkar is into Bollywood’s TOP five singers: Check her WEALTH here

Neha Kakkar the fantastic singer with the melodious voice has not only won a lot of fans for herself but has also made a lot of money with her songs making her rich!!

Her evergreen songs have catapulted her career and put her in the elite club of singers, and her fans will be thrilled to note that Neha Kakkar is placed in the top five singers in Bollywood.

Too good, right?

Well, Neha is one of the highest taxpayers in the country and charges a whopping 8-10 lakhs per song.

She has acquired for herself a palatial house and here is a look.

Wow!! This is indeed gorgeous!!

Way to go Neha!!

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