Neha Kakkar has truly become a cult figure in her own right and the last few years have been exceptionally good for her. But one must note the fact that she’s not an overnight success. We have all heard stories of how Neha used to roam from one music studio to the other with her recordings to hunt for work and the process has been going since 2003. But only post 2014/15 did she start earning her share of fame and success and the independent singles certainly helped her cause. Today, she’s one of the frontrunners in the music industry and the go-to singer for almost all projects of music giant, T Series. She might have conquered the world today but there’s still a child hidden in Neha and we often get to see that with her antics, be it on reality shows or her live performances.

The modern-day Neha is extremely glamorous and beautiful but did you guys know that Neha the ‘baby’ was equally adorable? Well, check out this latest family photo of her that is making waves across the internet and especially with her fans. Comments like ‘So cute’, ‘This is such a beautiful picture’, ‘What a queen’ and what not, are flooded on her post. Check out below –

View Instagram Post 1: Neha Kakkar looks cute and cuddly in throwback family childhood picture, fans go crazy