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IWMBuzz tells you about Neha Kakkar singing the famous I will always love you song

Neha Kakkar sings ‘I will always love you’, is it for somebody special?

In today’s time and age in the music world, if there’s one singer who’s absolutely nothing short of rage with a crazy fan following around her stardom, it is Neha Kakkar. She is the ideal modern-day singing sensation and she certainly knows how to stay in the limelight. They say that in order to be an overnight success, you need years of hard work and that’s exactly what Neha has done all these years since 2003 before becoming the brand she is today. Not just is she a perfect singer, she never compromises in her fashion and her style game as well and it is always is on point.

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Currently, Neha is enjoying her quarantine phase at home and she’s getting some time for herself. Guess how she is spending it? Well, by doing some sensational covers of some popular songs and the latest one that she did was of the song ‘I will always love you.”. But, is it dedicated to a special someone? Check out the song below and say what you feel –

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