Choose between the two versatile singers of the industry. Neha Kakkar or Darshan Raval

Neha Kakkar VS Darshan Raval: Who’s The More Versatile Bollywood Singer?

Neha Kakkar is a great singer that we are genuinely blessed to have. She is so-called Indian Shakira and also known to have been a Chota packet bada dhamaka singer. Whenever she is on stage or her song is on, she sure as hell manages to get some booty shaking.

Neha Kakkar is a crowd-pleaser, and a little dosage of Kakkar will leave you amazed by how she can keep the show going till the very end of it. We all love her and are surprised by her singing skills. Some of her varying vocals include Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, Manali Trance, Chamma Chamma, Jadu Ki Japphi, and many others.

Darshan Raval is the star of the music industry. His vocals have managed to impress and steal hearts. He is a multi-talented singer and composer, lyricist, actor, and performer. His romantic hit was Tera Zikr that got him into the limelight. Though he has a name being the first runner up at India’s Raw Star for his song Phir Mohabbat. This Gujarati boy is mostly known for his romantic and sad vocals.

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Speaking of Darshan Raval, the sky is the only limit for this rising star in the air of music. Surely, he did outshine himself in the cluster of stars. It is proving that he is different. Some great tracks that show his versatility are Bekhudi, Kamariya, Chogada, Mehrama, and many others.

Neha Kakkar or Darshan Raval, who is your favorite versatile artist? The best one to have won your hearts with his versatility.

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