Who looks the prettiest in pink between Sandara Park, Hyuna And Jung Eun-Ji

Pretty In Pink: Sandara Park, Hyuna And Jung Eun-Ji Are Shining In These Pink Attires!

When it comes to designs and colors, women certainly have their favourites picked. No, we aren’t being stereotypical here but it’s a given fact that women and their love for the colour pink has been there since centuries. From young teenagers to adults, the fascination and love for pink go beyond age and numbers and there’s something extremely adorable about the colour pink which even enhances the appearance of women when they are donning outfits of the said colour. In fact, the sensation and demand around the colour pink is not just limited to a few countries but all around the world. South Korea too is no different and whenever we talk about South Korean aka K-pop female artistes who are ideal embodiments of gorgeousness and sexiness, we instantly think of beauties like Sandara Park, Hyuna and Jung Eun-Ji.

Sandara, Hyuna and Jung, all three of them are phenomenal singers and the best part about them is they are exceptionally talented solo artistes who are not dependent on any band or group for their growth and fame. These ladies are literally a fire on stage and their presence alone is enough for fans to go all ‘aww’ seeing them glamorous avatar. Sandara, Hyuna and Jung are three ladies who are immensely in love with the colour pink and whenever we see them in cute baby pink outfits, it’s nothing less than a visual delight for all their fans.

As we already know, all three of them look exceptionally hot in pink outfits but if you have to pick one among them as the real ‘Queen Of Pink’, whom would you choose and also why?

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