Know the secret behind your favourite K-Pop artist Jungkook's tattoo

REVEALED! Jungkook’s Tattoo Secret

When it comes to the world of K-pop music, BTS boyband’s leading vocalist Jeon Jung-kook is one of the most popular names.

Jung-kook isn’t just a fantastic singer who knows how to absolutely set the stage on fire with his live show concerts, but he is equally efficient and strong when it comes to setting new style statements with his experimental fashion choices.

There’s a thing with artistes who believe in the power of the universe and have an ability to perceive things happening around them in a spiritual way. For artistes having a similar nature, personalized tattoos that hold a different level of relevance and meaning in their lives are very important. Usually, permanent tattoos are always about having some intrinsic connection with the person’s life story and with Jungkook, it is no different.

So, all you guys who have been so far wondering what exactly is the secret behind Jungkook’s tattoo, today, we reveal it all to you.

Well, believe it or not, but Jungkook’s hand tattoo has a hidden meaning just for the ‘Army’. On the surface, it looks like the artist created ‘ARMY’, but upon closer examination, people found the real meaning.

Readers, this ‘ARMY’ is nothing else but the BTS army. Jungkook got this done to dedicate it to his BTS team to show collective strength together.

Interesting story, isn’t it?

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