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Javed Ali the talented singer and Judge of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in an exclusive conversation with

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has given me recognition in each and every house: Singer Javed Ali

‘Ek Din Teri Raahon Main’, ‘Jashn-e-Bahaaran’, ‘Nagada Nagada’, ‘Maula’ and many more…. and one will be a fan of this singing delight, called Javed Ali.

Javed Ali has a studded singing career, but he has definitely walked his path of thorns to see this day!!

He has been bestowed with many awards and appreciations for his singing calibre and is known to be a singer who can sing in varied Indian languages with the utmost ease.

As one of the Judges of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the Zee TV singing reality show that will soon complete 25 years of glory, Javed has reached the hearts of millions in the country.

In an exclusive conversation with, Javed Ali talked about his career, his struggle, his memorable association with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and much more.


How is the lockdown phase going for you and family?

Yes, I am keeping myself occupied. I am busy and into a lot of things. I put in a lot of effort to work at home. I also practice and compose a lot.

25 years of SaRe Ga Ma Pa how does it feel to be part of this legacy?

First of all, I am privileged and honoured to be part of this wonderful concert of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on 23 May. It will be a big marathon that will happen all day. This will be the first liveathon that people will see. My hearty congratulations to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for this event.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is the show which has given life to many people and given the platform to grow for many youngsters and kids. 25 Years of the show is certainly an event to celebrate. In spite of the lockdown, a lot of artists have agreed to be part of the event. We will all celebrate the glory and success story of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in a grand manner.

How is your performance going to be in the liveathon?

Actually, there are a lot of surprises which I will not want to reveal now. But yes, I will perform and give my best shot and viewers will get to see me singing a lot of songs. There will be moments shown from my journey in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and it will be surely enjoyable.

Being a Judge on this show, what has been your takeaway moments Javed Ali Sir?

In the year 2017, when I was judging Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, a very different side and personality of mine came out to the fore, and that was in the form of Baahubali. It got so very famous and it also exposed my lighter side to the masses. Even today, when I perform at concerts, instead of referring me by my name Javed Ali, people call me as Baahubali. A very light moment used to get created on the set of the show when mommies used to call me by this name. I can never forget those days. Whenever I recollect these days, I directly get to see myself on the stage of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has given me recognition in each and every house: Singer Javed Ali 1

How do you see the abundant talent in our country with respect to music? And how do you think Saregampa as a show has helped the cause?

It is certain that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has given a lot to people their careers. We have seen a lot of playback singers starting their careers from this big show. Recognition and fame come to you through the show and all that one needs to put in is a lot of hard work. Shreya Ghoshal, Shekhar, Kunal Ganjawala and many others have come out from this platform and have made a name for themselves with their craft. If the platform was not created by Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, many singers would not have seen whatever success they have seen in their careers. Their talent and voices would not have gotten a wide reach if the show did not exist. We will fall short of words when we start to thank the platform for whatever it has given us and many others. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is like family to many of us.

For me, when I came in for the first time as Judge of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in the year 2007, people had heard my voice and had listened to my songs. But they were not aware of the person behind the voice. The show helped me to reach every house, and people knew who Javed Ali was. People could gauge our nature as a person and through Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, singers like me could extend their reach. So we are all thankful for the show.

Javed Ali Sir, How will you put in words the responsibility people like you carry forward as Judge of such a huge show? 

Certainly, we carry a huge responsibility as Judges of such a renowned and popular show. You are sitting before such a huge platform and are given the task to judge some great talents in the country. As Judges, it is very important to remain focused and responsible. You will have to understand and take care of the emotions of contestants. You will have to put across your points and give your feedback in such a way that they understand without getting hurt. So we need to weigh and speak and judge keeping in mind a lot of factors. I am very blessed in that aspect, as people have liked my approach as Judge on the show. People have liked my presence in it. I have been appreciated for the practical corrections via my singing that I take up when I have to convey anything to contestants.

It is certain that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has given a lot to people their careers. We have seen a lot of playback singers starting their careers from this big show.

Take us through your journey as a musician and singer. 

I have had to work a lot to see this day. I have had to struggle a lot; and to tell you, there was a day when I had no roof to support me. After I got my first break, things stabilized and the path before me started to open up slowly. And this paved way for my growth as a singer. I had never thought that the Almighty will bless me with so much success. I am thankful for all that I have today.

You have sung in many languages, how do you excel in this?

Yes, true!! I have sung in all the languages that are prevalent in India. Take any language and I have sung it. I have been singing for the languages for many years now, so it has become a practice. But yes, difficulties were there especially in the earlier days, when I used to work on my Tamil pronunciation for songs. However, my grasping power is fast, and I learn things very quickly. In fact, with time, Tamilians have complimented me for my pronunciations, especially in the tough soulful Tamil songs. I will say it is God’s gift!!

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has given me recognition in each and every house: Singer Javed Ali 2

Your memorable moment from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

The moment when my father graced the show was very special. My dad is no more now, and I will cherish that moment forever. Secondly, I got a surprise in the show when my daughter was called.

Your overall favourite contestant from the show

I love many contestants from the show. Shreyan Bhattacharya was very deserving and a great singer. A girl by name Sonakshi Kar was also very nice. Shanmukha Priya from Vizag was also talented.

Your best performance in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

My performance in the Finale had a lot of improvisations on the song Tum Tak. It was special.

It is God’s gift that because of my quick grasping power, I am able to sing in almost all the Indian languages

Songs that touch your chords: 

I love Retro and romantic songs. Mohammed Rafi Saab, Kishore Kumarji, Lataji’s songs are always evergreen to listen to.

Your dream come true moment as a singer

When I got my first IIFA Award and first Screen Award.

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Post lockdown, what can be expected from you?

There are many songs which will come out. I have movies, private songs and album songs too coming.

Your message to every aspiring singer, Javed Ali Sir

I want to tell them to practice and work hard. You need to believe in your hard work and talent and you will go miles.

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