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Here's how Neha Kakkar used to keep herself fresh and her glowing back in 2006

Take A Look At Pictures From 2006; Here’s Neha Kakkar’s Fitness And Beauty Secrets

Neha Kakkar rarely exercises. She just believes in a healthy diet to keep oneself fit and fine. All the beauty on her face is natural, and she doesn’t opt for any makeup products. Applying makeup only when necessary otherwise, she is a big no when it comes to covering her face with tons of powder and foundation.

Neha Kakkar’s charming smile and smooth, glowing skin have drawn numerous eyes towards her. She has an oily skin type, and therefore she cleans her face twice a day. She also uses cleanser as her nighttime skincare routine. Another most essential secret behind her glowing and healthy skin is she keeps herself hydrated. According to Neha Kakkar, drinking regular water keeps pimples away and gives you healthy-looking skin.

According to Neha Kakkar, if one wants to keep their skin glowing and healthy, green tea is magical. Drinking a cup of green tea usually can keep all the skin problems away. Also, she prefers to keep it as minimal as possible when it comes to making up, just covering up with mascara, lip gloss, and cole.

Neha Kakkar truly is an inspiration, and we all could start following her easy routine one step at a time and get fit and healthy like her.

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