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Lady Gaga has always come up with some weird fashion and styles. Some of them were innovative and some were really a disaster. Check and tell us what you think of them.

All The Times Lady Gaga’s Style Was A Fashion Disaster

Lady Gaga, the singer and songwriter has reinvented herself every year and come up with some new styles. The star is excellent with her voice and has won million hearts with it. But, talking about her fashion and styling, she has got a very unique fashion sense. You would never see her stuck to one style.

Many call her fashion ideas weird and many call them innovative. The artist has got a wild wardrobe with kind of fabrics that one can’t even imagine of having them. She once wore a bubble-like suit for performance at 2009 Grammy Celebration Concert. Her one of the most remarkable and unforgettable looks is the red lace dress covering her face with a crown for 2009 MTV Music Video Awards. There are a series of her costumes that she wore in the crowd. Lady Gaga has always been the attraction for every red carpet she walked.

She has always experimented with fashion. It’s hard to say if her fashion has been a disaster or not but she is a fashion risk taker, undoubtedly. What are your views?

Here are some of her pictures.

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