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Is Blackpink's Rose dating her college crush?

WOW: Is Blackpink’s Rose Finally Dating Her College Crush? Know Whole Story

When it comes to the fame and popularity of the Blackpink girls, there’s truly no limit whatsoever. All the four girls namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rose & Lisa have fan following in millions and be it for their singing ability or their hot and sexy fashion abilities, they are deeply admired all over the world.

Talking about fashion abilities, one Blackpink lady who’s very well known for being the reason of heartbeat for many people is Rose. Innumerable number of men all over the world have a crush on Rose big time. But hey, for whom does her heart beat?

Well, some time back, there emerged rumors of Rose apparently dating her crush from college. While some netizens believed the same thinking it’s a fairytale love story, others understood something is fishy.

Well readers, today we confirm to you the fact that it is just a rumor and there’s no truth attached to it whatsoever.

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