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Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber are icons for the youth all over the world. Who do you think is the real pop-style icon among the two?

Zayn Malik VS Justin Bieber: The Real Pop Style Icon?

The former One Direction band member and the English singer is surely one of the most admired teen celebrities who the world adores for numerous reasons. Zayn Malik has a mesmerizing masculine voice and is extremely good looking. Zayn Malik has a great sense of style. He has teamed up with numerous brands to release his shoe line and backpacks. Be it suits, jackets, waistcoats, Zayn Malik can give perfect justice to every outfit. Fans all over the world try to imitate his dress style and hairstyle. He is truly the style icon for the youth.

On the other hand, we have the king of pop, Justin Bieber. With a fan following in millions, this international sensation has become the idol of youths all across the globe. From his songs to his style, fans try to copy him as much as they can. Right from his teenage years until now he has been the style icon for sure. His trademark hairstyle, chunky sneakers, stylish suits to tattooed arm, Justin Bieber has always aced the fashion game. And to add to it, he started his clothing line ‘Drew’ which is quite popular among his fans. His outfits to concerts, red carpets or on a daily basis are really cool and worth imitating.

Both these singers are true style icons. Who do you think has the upper hand in style though?

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