Divya Khosla Kumar has strong words to say to Sonu Nigam

Emotional and angry Divya Khosla Kumar tears into Sonu Nigam

Fickle is the world of glitter.

Relationships once swore upon, wither with time and what remains, is dust of hurt and negativity.

Once a darling of T Series, Sonu Nigam now has his fangs out against the label giant.

The fact that T Series almost has a monopoly on the Indian Music Industry, is public knowledge. And it is a credit to them to weave such a scenario, after all, they are seeking business supremacy and market dominance.

Success is a double-edged sword, and Bhushan Kumar, the bossman at T Series, is learning it the hard way.

All of 18 when mafia gunned down his legendary father Gulshan Kumar, Bhushan shocked everyone by not only spearheading the business but reaching its pinnacle displaying acumen beyond imagination.

However, the current scenario is a little murky and there is no right or wrong in it. As they say, there is your version, my version and the truth.

Sonu took to social media and accused Bhushan of nepotism, professional bullying and me too.

Sonu is a legend in India and when he talks, masses listen, without any filter of judgement.

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Bhushan and his family have been crucified on social media.

Bhushan, though a media baron, doesn’t have a fan base like Sonu, hence he will never win the social media battle.

He has chosen silence as his weapon, however, his wife Divya Khosla Kumar unleashed her nari shakti in a video today, tearing into Sonu.

In the video, she clarifies each allegation thrown at Bhushan with a counter, speaks about Sonu’s selfish nature, questions his underworld connection, also drags his personal life.

It’s a full tit for tat.

This round goes to Divya. Her anger and emotion is palpable and like any other wife, mother she is out to protect her family.

We are not here to take sides, however, in this battle of egos, ultimately fans and admirers are left baffled.

What examples are we setting? Let the bigwigs ponder.


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