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Neha Kakkar makes a SHOCKING REVELATION, says ‘We don’t get paid to sing for movies’

In today’s time and age in the music world, if there’s one singer who’s absolutely nothing short of rage with a crazy fan following around her stardom, it is Neha Kakkar. She is the ideal modern-day singing sensation and she surely knows how to stay in the limelight. Not just singing, even her fashion game is on point and we see that quite often when we find her experimenting with outfits. Given Neha’s lifestyle, one must be thinking that she is earning quite a lot from her projects in Bollywood. But, what if we tell you that she doesn’t get paid at all? Shocked? Well, Neha reveals this herself in an interaction with a leading media. She said and we quote,

“We don’t get paid for singing in Bollywood at all. What happens is they feel that if we give a superhit song, the singer will earn through shows. I get a good amount from live concerts and everything, but Bollywood doesn’t have this scene. To make us sing a song, they don’t pay.”

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