I will win Bigg Boss 13 based on ‘Gandhigiri’ – Abu Malik | IWMBuzz

Music composer Abu Malik exclusively talks to IWMBuzz ahead of Bigg Boss 13

I will win Bigg Boss 13 based on ‘Gandhigiri’ – Abu Malik

Not much time for the most controversial show of Indian Television to be on its way. Bigg Boss Season 13. This season will have celebrities battling it out against each other to win the title after spending 105 days in the house. One of the celebrity contestants to battle it up is Abu Malik, music composer who also happens to be Anu Malik’s brother. A confident Malik looks all positive as he approaches the show. When IWMBuzz exclusively connected with Abu Malik regarding his strategy and how he will handle fights, Abu was quoted as saying –

“I will be as calm and normal as possible. I have a habit of seeing the positive side of things and I have always looked at the greener side of things. But one thing is for sure, I will win Bigg Boss 13. I am confident and I am going to say that again and again that I will win. Mind you, I am not saying that others will lose. I am just saying that I will win.” (Laughs)

On being asked further about how he will handle the controversy involving the show, he was quoted as saying –

“I will play Gandhigiri boss. I will react calmly and I am going to go and hug that person in that situation. That’s going to be my way.”

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