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Neha Kakkar: Our true fashionista

Neha Kakkar is our ideal fashion icon. Here’s why…

Neha Kakkar, one of Bollywood’s top singers, is known for things apart from singing and we’re here to tell you just why. The Kala Chashma singer is immensely famous in the Indian entertainment industry for her powerful vocal talent. The singer has created or rather sung some of the country’s most popular hits for several movies.

The singer is basically a powerhouse to India’s music industry along with being a blessing to it. The singer is known for her natural beauty when it comes to her flawless skin, a beautiful smile and gorgeous naturally curly hair. Now, most would die for hair like Neha’s natural ones. But, the singer occasionally chooses to style her hair which often hides the curls. Although, she seems to know what she is doing and look equally pretty however she chooses to do her hair.

The singer is known for her versatility in the fashion world too, apart from the music world. Neha is well known for her amazing sense of fashion. The singer makes some bold fashion choices when it comes to dressing up or accessorizing the dresses she chooses to wear. She has proved this several times by either wearing hoop earrings to an ethnic outfit or pairing a lehenga with a crop top.

We hope to see Neha continuing to slay in fashion as well as in the music industry. Stay tuned with us for further updates on your favorite celebrities.

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