Neha Kakkar and the way everything she wears turns out to be black. Here’s proof of her obsession

Neha Kakkar and her love for black outfits

For Neha Kakkar, the color black is like a bae, and anything otherwise stays out of my way. Well, people are in love with the color black because there can never be any other color that could define a person so well as black does. It is dark and filled with grace.

Neha Kakkar has a thing for black outfits and many times she is seen wearing all black. And why not? Let them invent a darker color that might change her preference. Until then, black it is. Here are a few outfits that she has worn, making her look utterly gorgeous in curls and black outfits. She is a total chic.

Be it Neha wearing a plain black lehenga or something as simple and sexy as a black body con. She looks like an absolute goddess.

Another one of her black statements was the one all in a black outfit for which she got made fun of, but surely, no one could pull off the look as she did. The one where she is wearing a lacy black crop with ripped black jeans paired with black heels. Honestly, when it comes to Neha and wearing something black, she aces the look. Here is more inspiration from her.

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