Here are some of Justin Bieber’s songs that are going to make your partner groove with you. Check them out!

10 Justin Bieber’s songs that are just perfect for your couple dance!

Justin Bieber, one of the most popular singers and the Canadian pop sensation has won many hearts with his songs. “Beliebers”, his fans are still crazy about him today. He has come up with some major hits every year. The star is loved by his fans. Justin has rocked the Hollywood music industry since the age of just 13. He has been one of the celebrities who has made his name on his own in his teenage.

The whole world knows about the star’s biggest hits, from Baby (2010) to Yummy (2020). He has always come with one after another hit singles and albums and made his fans amazed. He has recently dropped his album, Intentions (2020) which made everyone go wild with the tracks. But, at the same time, he has got some really romantic and lovely songs that are perfect for your couple dance.

1.      Never Let You Go (2010)

2.      Mistletoe (2011)

3.      Let Me Love You (2016)

4.      As Long As You Love Me (2012)

5.      All Around Me (2020)

6.      Love Yourself (2015)

7.      2U (2017)

8.      Forever (2020)

9.      Habitual (2020)

10.   Love Me (2009)

These songs are definitely going to make you and your dance partner groove together. Tell us your favourite song among all these.
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