Ever doubted as to why Neha Kakkar is so good singer? Why we all love her so much? Here’s proof

These 10 Songs Are The Reason Why We Love Neha Kakkar

The dhamaka of the industry who has made a blast in the industry who else could it be? Neha Kakkar is the one we all are talking about. She has made a place and all she can do is get us all smiling with her peppy voice.

Neha Kakkar and her emotional dose are all we need to get through the day. Not just some filmy romantic ones but she can give some serious heartbreaks to party all night vocals. And she is just too good of a singer to be true.

Choose any Neha Kakkar song, it will always be a perfect one to have it on your mood swings playlist. Here are the top 10 of her tracks that prove it all:

1. O Saki Saki

2. Kalla Sohna Nai

3. Gali Gali

4. Garmi

5. Dheeme Dheeme

6. Dilbar

7. Coca Cola

8. Sunny Sunny

9. Chamma Chamma

10. Ek Toh Kum Zindagani

Here we have some amazing songs that are ones. Because if not Neha then who could work the magic out? Still, have doubts as to why we all adore her so much?

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