Apart from creating some massive dance hits, Jennifer Lopez has released some romantic songs to make you fall in love. Check them out!

10 Soul-Stirring Romantic Hollywood Songs of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has always killed her performances, from acting to singing. She has won the hearts of millions both with her acting and her songs since the 90s. Her songs are bold, powerful, and can make you grove anytime, undoubtedly. From On the 6 (1999) to A.K.A (2014).

She was one of the best music selling artists of Hollywood since her song, On The Floor (2011) dropped in the market. She even ruled the industry before. Other than some dance item songs, she has created some really soothing and romantic songs that you can listen on repeat.
Here are some of them.

1.      Baby I Love U (2002)

2.      If You Had My Love (1999)

3.      Love Don’t Cost A Thing (2000)

4.      First Love (2014)

5.      Invading My Mind (2011)

6.      (What Is) LOVE?

7.      Until It Beats No More (2011)

8.      Could This Be Love? (1999)

9.      Run The World (2011)

10.   Take Care (2011)

Tell us your favourite song among them. Which one did you like the most?

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