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We have always loved Taylor Swift’s solo songs, but here are some of her songs where she collaborated with other popular artists. You should check them out!

10 Taylor Swift’s Best Duet Songs With Famous Artists

Taylor Swift is a popular pop singer and songwriter from the Hollywood music industry. From Love Story (2008) to The Man (2020), she has always been the sensation and won the hearts of many. She’s one of the best-selling music artists in Hollywood. Most of her albums and singles have been the massive hits of the years.

One can’t stop listening to her songs in a loop. She has also collaborated with many renowned artists from the industry like Kendrick Lamar, Ed Shereen, Shawn Mendes, Kenny Chesney, B.o.B, and many more. Here are the lists of her best duet songs.

1. End Game (2017) with Ed Shereen and Future.

2. Everything Has Changed (2012) with Ed Sheeren.

3. Hold On (2007) with Jack Ingram.

4. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (2016) with Zayn.

5. Lover (Remix) (2019) with Shawn Mendes.

6. ME! (2019) with Brendon Urie.

7. Safe & Sound (2011) with The Civil Wars.

8. Breathe (2008) with Colbie Calliat.

9. Big Star (2017) with Kenny Chesney.

10. Bad Blood (2015) with Kendrick Lamar.

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