The queen of peppy music Neha Kakkar has all our hearts. Here are 10 facts about her that you need to know

10 Unknown Facts about Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar also called as Indian Shakira is one of the top listed singers of the music industry. Here are 10 facts that we need to know:
1. Neha Kakkar was born in Rishikesh Uttarakhand and her family later moved to Delhi. From there with her brother Tony Kakkar, she moved to Mumbai.

10 Unknown Facts about Neha Kakkar 2
2. Neha Kakkar was a contestant at Indian Idol season 2 and a decade later she made a comeback as a judge for the show.
3. Her father used to sell samosas outside her school. And she was four when she started singing for jagaratas.
4. She dated Himansh Kohli and after their break up, she had to go through a lot of online trolling but she stood strong and fought all the hate comments.
5. She is a very strong individual who has been through depression and at a point even wanted to commit suicide but fought against it.
6. She started her career for Meet Bros and her first album was named as Neha The Rockstar.
7. She even went on to have sung Shah Rukh Khan anthem as she is a die-hard SRK fan. That is when her YouTube account flourished giving her almost ten thousand subscribers.

10 Unknown Facts about Neha Kakkar 1
8. Neha Kakkar has a thing for selfies and so she is known as the Selfie Queen. She takes a lot of selfies and also uploads selfie videos. She is a great dancer and keeps her TikTok updated with her moves.

10 Unknown Facts about Neha Kakkar 3
9. She has gorgeous curls and is a major style inspiration for many of her fans. Presently, she is one of the highest-paid Indian singers in the Bollywood music industry. Also called as Indian Shakira.
10. Neha Kakkar has had several concerts and she has performed live not just in India but worldwide.

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We all are great fans of Neha Kakkar and wish her a great amount of success her way. So for more updates, stay tuned to

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