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These songs by Lady Gaga are perfect to play during your workout session!

5 Lady Gaga’s Best Workout Songs to Motivate You

The renowned music artist and songwriter, Lady Gaga, has got love and fans from her fans all across the world. Lady Gaga belongs to the list of Hollywood’s never-fading artists. She has ruled the industry with her voice and talent. From her very first album, The Fame (2008) to Joanne (2016), she has slain with her voice and performances every time. Lady Gaga has got an excellent and melodious voice and has won million hearts with it. Her songs can make anyone go crazy and empower them. She carries so much power and energy in her voice and her songs.

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If you are looking for some song to add to your workout playlist, then Lady Gaga’s songs are perfect for it. Here are some of them.

Poker Face (2008)

 Perfect Illusion (2016)

The Edge Of Glory (2011)

Paparazzi (2008)

Just Dance (2008)

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