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These songs by Neha Kakkar are pure gold. They are the best to light up your day

5 Mood Refreshing Songs By Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is no wonder the most consistent and promising artist in the music industry. She has sung several tracks ranging from irresistible soul touching to romantic and husky party songs. Her chirpy voice suits every mood track and is the best we have in the industry.

Here are some of the best tracks by Neha Kakkar that will help you instantly brighten up your mood and have a beautiful day full of happiness and refreshments.

Tera Ghata, though Gajendra Verma, initially sang this track. Neha Kakkar, in her avatar and style, surely made the song an irresistible hit.

Kar Gayi Chul, the energy and power that Neha Kakkar has put in this track, is spectacular. Whoever listening to this melody will surely have a good time and make them smile.

Sunny Sunny, this record by Neha Kakkar is undoubtedly a treat to your ears. This song will give you yellow mellow vibes and keep your energy boosted for the rest of the day.

Badri Ki Dulhaniya, with Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan dancing on the beat, is full of energy and enthusiasm. Just as you start listening to the track, it will begin filling your mood with energetic vibes.

Suroor, Neha Kakkar knows how to give perfect and due justice to every track. And this song is the proof for the same. It will awaken the romantic person in you a melody worth adding to your playlist.

These songs by Neha Kakkar will make your day happy and cheerful. Don’t forget to add them to your playlist.

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