A fresh start with these refreshing Neha Kakkar's tracks on loop

5 Neha Kakkar’s Songs to Start Your Day

Neha Kakkar is the leading example of today’s versatility. Her peppy voice is not just good but a must for every party anthem. Today the sound of the artists must be good but hold power to get the listeners tapping their foot or getting on the dance floor. They should touch the hearts of people, and Neha Kakkar is the example of such a melodious voice.

She has sung a number of amazingly heavenly tracks, and so every morning, when you wake up, Neha Kakkar’s tracks will always be there for your rescue. A rejuvenating morning for the refreshing day ahead starts your day listening to these Neha Kakkar’s tracks.

Jadu Ki Japphi, why not start your day with a great comfy hug? What would be more refreshing and fun than this song that sends you magical jhappi!

Mile Ho Tum, start your day by being grateful to have found such a great spouse or such amazing family around you. The one that cares and is always there for you.

Coca Cola, your day will always feel incomplete until you shake some moves on some Coca Cola songs.

Aashiq Banaya, though the lyrics might be cheesy and the track remade. Listen to it once you appreciate how amazing Neha Kakkar is.

Ek Toh Kum Zindagani, just listen!

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