Best of Neha Kakkar's TikTok tracks from throwback 2019

5 Neha Kakkar’s TikTok Songs From 2019 We’ll Remember

Neha Kakkar became a massive hit in the last few years. She has been majorly singing reprised versions of the old records that have majorly caught the attention of the audience. Though many don’t approve of the remakes, they have been quite amazing and fresh. Those early Classic were the ones that needed to be revised into a modern tadka to keep them alive amongst the audience.

Neha Kakkar became very popular, and 2019 was a great year for her. She gave numerous hit tracks and has been the dhamaka of the industry. Many of her songs became a TikTok trend and were significant chartbusters. They were seen on every TikTok video and became an instant famous.

This article is an appreciation post for all the hit tracks by Neha Kakkar that gained significant popularity with numerous TikTok videos that were major fun and filled with pagalpanti. The videos ranged from dance tracks to funny vines. Here are the most hit and popular songs of the year 2019 by Neha Kakkar that set some TikTok trends into motion

O Saki Saki

Coca Cola

Cheez Badi

Chamma Chamma

Hauli Hauli

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