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A few of Neha Kakkar’s tracks that didn’t get much attention that it deserved

5 Neha Kakkar’s unremembered songs that are a must-listen

Neha Kakkar is one all dinchak with her voice and her songs will always make you take a tumka well that’s the spell she has on you whenever you listen to her songs. She is a very versatile singer and is a Chota packet but surely a bada dhamaka, a crowd pleaser and a little dosage of Kakkar will leave you amazed by how she can keep the show going till the end of it.

Well, not all the songs are given the dues that they require and deserve. Some just get lost between the other hit tracks and so don’t get that much of notice from the crowd. But that doesn’t mean they are too bad or average. They are just as good as others, just it didn’t get much of an acclamation.

Here are the top 5 Neha Kakkar’s vocals that need to be recognized as they have already been forgotten.

Phone Mein Teri Photo

Das Ki Karaan

Chitta Kukkad

Patt Lainge

Trippy Trippy

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